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Competency Design 

& Job Analysis Training


Increasing numbers of organizations are realizing the benefits of having accurately defined competencies at the heart of their HR initiatives. This three day course explains how to develop a competency model and provides hands-on experience of systematic job-analysis techniques.  


This course is ideal for those involved in defining the critical success factors for specific roles and in the assessment of people for recruitment and development. Some experience of psychometric training and competency-based assessment, although not essential, is an advantage.

  • Undertake repertory grid, critical incident and visionary interviews  

  • Use competency cards to facilitate job analysis 

  • Integrate the results of different job analysis techniques to define competencies  

  • Design and implement their own competency framework  

  • Apply or adapt the Universal Competency Framework (UCF) to the needs of their organizations   

  • Integrate a competency framework with processes such as recruitment, 360 appraisals or training needs analysis 


  • Understand and unlock high performance across your organization  

  • Define critical role requirements and measure people against the needs of the organization and their personal development  

  • Match the right person to the right role, through objective and efficient selection  

  • Learn how to apply our Universal Competency Framework, a standard, proven hierarchy that can be applied to virtually any job at any level, in any organization around the world. 

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