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What We Provide

Our portfolio of products including video and coding interviews, and our virtual assessment and development center platform allow businesses to stay connected throughout their Talent Acquisition and Talent Management programs.

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1. Video Interviews – new, engaging, and convenient way of conducting interviews remotely.

2. RemoteWorkQ – assess remote work readiness of your employees through a short, targeted questionnaire.


3. Virtual Assessment and Development Center – a greener, virtual solution to the challenge of finding the talent that might one day lead your business.

Contact Centre Products Overview

  • AI-powered language evaluation solutions to help recruiters accurately and objectively evaluate a candidate’s spoken and written language and comprehension skills across multiple languages. 

  • The solution includes three components:

SVAR: Spoken Language evaluation - AI-powered evaluation of candidate’s spoken language skills. Provides scores on pronunciation, fluency and spoken language.

WriteX: Written English evaluation - Auto-evaluates written English in email or essay form. Using natural language processing (NLP) and AI, it provides scores and feedback on Content Quality and Grammar.

Language comprehension: Adaptive test to evaluate language comprehension, grammar and functional vocabulary.

  • The solution addresses the key requirements of the customers by delivering the following:

− Standardized accurate evaluation of language proficiency.

− Scalable, automated instantaneous scoring of spoken, written and language comprehension skills

o underpinned by AI models that provide a validated and reliable score of language proficiency

o detailed scoring in line with CEFR levels allowing clients to shortlist candidates based on precise needs.

− Superior candidate experience.

− Multi-modal delivery - available over mobile, desktop, IVR. 100% cloud based and easy integration into any ATS or recruitment process to deliver a seamless candidate experience.


Virtual Solutions

Unlock your people’s potential with our innovative Virtual Solutions suite, optimized for our new reality where face-to-face is no longer an option.

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