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We provide the insight for organizations to make better people decisions. Our solutions help maximize business performance and deliver real return on HR investment.

Talent Acquisition

Improve the quality of your new hires through our research-based, and cost-effective online assessments.

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Volume Recruitment

With constant pressure to reduce costs and improve productivity, finding the right candidates for key roles has never been more critical. Borderless markets and the power of the Internet have combined to create a surge in application numbers – from underhand over-qualified candidates.

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Managerial and Professional Hire

There is a clear shortage of professional and managerial talent. Finding the right people – whether lawyers, accountants, salespeople or managers – increases productivity across the organization.

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Graduate Recruitment

College graduates are the customers, employees and investors of the future. Attracting the best improves an organization’s performance and promotes its brand.

Talent Acquisition

Talent Management

Engage, develop, and mobilize professionals, managers, and executives to deliver your organization’s business objectives.

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High-Potential Identification

High-potential (HIPO) employees are critical to your organization’s current and future success. They are the key players you want to identify and develop to power your organization.

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Employee Development

Business needs are changing fast. In this climate, it’s vital for businesses to nurture and develop existing talent. Talent is in increasingly short supply and recruitment costs are high.

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Enterprise Leader Development

The world has evolved for employers, and this has significantly impacted the leadership environment. Leaders now have more stakeholders to consult, increased responsibilities, and more geographically dispersed teams.

Talent Mobility


Work with our team of HR experts to identify your people’s strengths and developmental areas, and design an effective succession plan.


Assessment and Development Center

Our Assessment and Development Center, allows for both evaluation of current performance and determination of the participants’ future needs, which if met, will allow a participant to move to higher levels within their organizational hierarchy after further training and/or development.

Competency Profiling.png

Competency Profiling

Through our Competency Profiling program, Assessment Analytics can help organizations identify the knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies people need to perform their work well.

Success Profiling.png

Success Profiling

Employment branding begins by identifying and studying the profile of the person whose competencies and performance are critical to the organization’s current and future success.

360 Feedback.png

360° Feedback

Our 360° Feedback utilizes the online Multi Rater Feedback System (MFS) from SHL and offers organizations a structured, in-depth perspective on performance and potential, based on the ratings of colleagues, peers, managers, and/or clients.

Feedback Interview.png

Feedback Interview

Assessment Analytics strongly recommends a conduct of Feedback Interviews to candidates, especially for personality assessments, to validate results and to uncover other relevant information about the candidates.

Talent Audit.png

Talent Audit

Organizational performance depends on talent. Many employers have performance data on their people, but few have insight into how they meet the demands of current or future roles.

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Succession Planning

Plans for promotions and internal moves are usually limited and based on the needs of the present. Create an expanded and diverse succession plan that meets the ever-evolving challenges of today's work environment.

Consulting Services

Assessment Library

Our psychometric and algorithmic assessments are valid, job-related tools that clearly map to specific business needs and outcomes - see below all types of assessments we offer. Utilizing our assessments within your talent management process can yield.


Find assessments that best meet your needs.

Browse through our extensive product catalog for science-backed assessments that evaluate cognitive ability, personality, behavior, skills, and more, by role and organizational level, by industry, and by language.

Assessment Library

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