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Success Profiling

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Employment branding begins by identifying and studying the profile of the person whose competencies and performance are critical to the organization’s current and future success. As such, companies have initiated the development of a ‘competency framework’ based on their analysis of the factors and behaviors that differentiate performers from marginal employees. By focusing on these areas, the organization is able to select the right people for the right jobs, build the competencies and adopt other HR strategies that propel individual and organizational performance.

On the organizational level, the conduct of Success Profiling or Internal Performance Benchmarking Study (IPBS) will establish initial standards for your organization. The findings of this research will be valuable inputs for competency identification, recruitment, training and career development systems. Using SHL online assessment technologies, the Benchmarking Study will be designed to enhance predictability of performance by more clearly identifying critical skills and characteristics that differentiate performers from non-performers.

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