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Enterprise Leader Development

Develop your Leaders to Succeed in a Hybrid Workplace

Only 15% of leaders possess the three critical characteristics needed to be successful.

Organizations will fail without leaders that drive collaboration

The world has evolved for employers, and this has significantly impacted the leadership environment. Leaders now have more stakeholders to consult, increased responsibilities, and more geographically dispersed teams. What does a modern leader look like today and how can they succeed in our new hybrid workplace?


The Three Traits of a Successful Enterprise Leader

SHL’s Enterprise Leader Development science is based on a global study of over 1,650 managers, leaders, and heads of HR. We determined that successful leaders of our hybrid workplace have three critical characteristics: a combination of network, transactional, and transformational leadership skills.


Transactional Leadership

Leaders that can execute the company's strategy. They can analyze, adapt, support, co-operate, organize, and deliver.


Transformational Leadership

Leaders that set direction and inspire change. They are great at creating and conceptualizing, interacting and presenting, and at leading and making decisions.


Network Leadership

Leaders that can build aligned, purpose-driven, interconnected, and energized teams. These leaders work together to create highly engaged populations that are focused on their immediate team's, and the wider enterprise's performance.

Bring Science to Leadership Development

The real-time and data-driven way to uncover critical skills gaps and target leader development.

Uncover Critical Skills Gaps

Capture the performance and potential of your leadership population using the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) and an optional 360 multi-rater feedback.


Leader Development: Demo Hub

Our demo video and interactive tours will show you where to target leader development.


Demo Video

Watch this demo to discover self-service talent analytics that bring agility to your succession plans.


Employee Experience: Guided Tour

Take an interactive tour of your leader experience, from personality assessment to development recommendations.

Computer with Graph

Insights Dashboards: Guided Tour

Take an interactive tour of your insights dashboard and see how to uncover critical leader skills gaps.

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