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Managerial and

Professional Hire


There is a clear shortage of professional and managerial talent. Finding the right people – whether lawyers, accountants, salespeople or managers – increases productivity across the organization. Management hires are critical for achieving success through people, but they also come with a high degree of risk. Poor appointments can reduce morale and increase attrition across previously high performing teams. Great managerial talent drives performance: finding true leaders is essential.

​• Define role requirements with the SHL Universal Competency Framework: overarching structure for defining competencies for all jobs, at all levels, in all industries, across all countries
• Identify future leaders by evaluating multiple competencies (coaching, decision-making)
• Match manager candidates to the job and organization
• Use SHL assessments to measure team leadership capabilities
• Align people with strategy to drive business outcomes
• Pinpoint high-potential leadership talent

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