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Interviewing Training

Course Content
  • Those new to interviewing, or experienced interviewers seeking a broader understanding of the competency based interview technique will find this course extremely beneficial. Through the use of practical simulations and exercises, delegates are shown how to conduct an interview using their own organizational competencies or to apply our Universal Competency Framework. This course is typically delivered in-house and can be tailored to your specific requirements. For example we can integrate your own competency framework, create bespoke interview questions and help support CBI rollout. 

Course Objectives
  • Review and enhance existing interviewing skills

  • Practice interview skills and receive feedback highlighting strengths and potential areas to develop

  • Evaluate interview evidence objectively

  • Improve success rates through objective evaluation

  • Identify and minimize the obstacles to fair and objective assessment

  • Ensure recruitment is in line with organizational competencies

Who Should Attend?
  • This course is ideal for HR specialists, experienced line managers, and senior executives who need to gain practical experience on how to apply Competency Based Interviewing (CBI) effectively in their organizations, or senior executives involved in the final stages of the selection process that are looking to enhance their skills.

Why Should I Attend?
  • Enables you to interview more effectively, so you can match the right candidate to the role and to your organization

  • Helps ensure objective and legally defensible recruitment and promotion decisions, through the use of a consistent and structured framework for interviews 

  • Helps you align selection decisions more closely to the needs of your organization

  • It’s an important step on your career ladder that allows you to demonstrate your proficiency in competency based interviewing

​Should you wish to have your own company training, this course may also be delivered in-house, and may be tailored to your specific requirements. We can integrate your own competency framework, create bespoke interview questions and help support CBI rollout for a more customized approach.

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