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High-potential (HIPO) employees are critical to your organization’s current and future success. They are the key players you want to identify and develop to power your organization.

SHL research shows that HIPOs are 91% more valuable than non-HIPOs. But today’s reality is that 73% of HIPO programs are failing to deliver business outcomes or ROI. So what needs to change to achieve HIPO program success?

The best companies use predictive measures to identify true high-potentials, compare them against the competition and develop them through on-the-job learning to drive performance impact.

  • Accurately identify HIPOs by measuring the factors critical for success.

  • Assess your competitive talent positioning and focus development spend.

  • Enable efficient and scalable on-the-job learning with performance impact.

  • Apply best practice insights and tools to sustain the impact of your HIPO program.

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