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Personality and Ability

Assessment Training

Course Content
  • Psychometric assessments bring greater objectivity and transparency to any recruitment or development process. This course provides full training in how to evaluate and select, interpret and feedback ability tests and personality questionnaires. 

  • We provide comprehensive training in the theory and practical application of the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) and the Motivation Questionnaire (MQ). Selection, development, leadership identification and team building are all covered in the many practical case studies. 

  • The course includes 8-10 hours e-learning, 2 days classroom based learning and uses a combination of individual and group practical exercises as well as formally assessed elements. This ensures delegates are given a strong theoretical grounding in psychometric testing and the practical skills to confidently use assessment in the workplace.​

Who Should Attend?
  • This course is ideal for HR professionals, recruiters, training and management development specialists who wish to use ability tests and personality questionnaires to help in the selection, management and development of employees.  

Why Should I Attend?
  • Enables objective and efficient selection, matching the right person to the right role

  • Enables your registration as an Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ®) user, one of the world’s most widely used personality questionnaires  

  • Become familiar with the latest research findings in personality assessment, including the development of the OPQ, and other questionnaires

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