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two from the AAI Tribe were recognized for their performance in the recent #SHLDistributorCo

In the recent #SHLDistributorConference held in the UK, two from the AAI Tribe were recognized for their performance.

Paulo Jaranilla, our Business Development Manager, who has been mentoring the junior members of the team and monitoring their performance and client engagement to ensure that they achieve their targets. ​Paulo has consistently proven his dedication, focus, and enthusiasm throughout his stint in AAI.

Shamane Sanclaria, our HR Services Supervisor, who has grown and evolved in her role with responsibilities expanding to AAI’s internal HR. Shamane started off 2022 as AAI’s Supervisor for HR and Admin. Towards the end of the 3rd quarter, She readily accepted the offer to head HR Services and, despite minimal experience in this role, she seamlessly transitioned to the new role and ran all of AAI’s projects successfully. She learned the ropes fast and streamlined some of the processes to ensure she and her team could roll out all projects timely and efficiently.

Congratulations, Paulo and Shamane!

You deserve to be recognized for your performance. We are proud of you!



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